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Customer Ratings & Reviews for Floss Agency, Inc.

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Like some people I tend to be Loyal to the Brands that I own or use. I have always considered myself to be objective and complete due diligence when I consider making changes at work or at Home. Nine years ago I bought a Home in WNY. I received a referral for FLOSS which I followed. They have had my Home Owners Insurance beginning April 15, 2009. I had a break in 2013 and they handled the claim. It was a Very Positive experience… Progressive was my Auto Carrier for 21 years. During the first 18 years not so much as a speeding ticket on either my wife or my own driving record. My Oldest daughter at 17 finally got her Driver’s License. (2008 I was paying $360.00 a month for my Auto Policy) Like most family’s things were great until the day came when she was involved in an accident. No one was hurt although the damage was extensive. When our renewal came up there was a significant increase. Than my second daughter at the age of 17 got her License. No big deal I thought…. Wrong, Progressive decided that because of where my home was, My youngest daughter was on the policy and they drive a name brand auto (Lexus) that we would pay more… A lot more. January 1st they thanked me for my Brand Loyalty sending me a bill for $1206.00 moving to $1191.00 In February. Yes that’s a Month…

The moral of my story is I shopped the Auto Insurance. I called FLOSS and explained to Christina Biondolillo my circumstances. She went to work and came up with Real Solutions that Saved Me Real Money. She was excited about it as I was. When I say real money I SAVED $671.00 a month.

I received my good wishes from Progressive with a bill for $13.48. I called to pay the finial moneys due. The Operator asked my why after 21 years I could leave. I spent the next 10 minutes explaining why. I was also happy to share that after 21 years I couldn’t understand how or why they would just let me walk away… I’m happy to say that I did. Customer Service is everything… I would like to think that Progressive may wish they had done things different. Bottom line is that Christina did, and I am grateful…

Great service and friendly staff. They have helped our business and our employees out over the years.

The Floss Agency has helped me with many of my insurance needs. They took the time to get to know my practice and the unique needs of not only a dentist, but a business owner as well.

Excellent service with setting us up for our Simple IRA plan and our life insurance, and as always the thorough care in our auto and business plans for our business.

Floss Agency helped us not only insure, but also helped us prevent losses in our business.

I’ve never had the quality of service on our account that we have today.<

Floss Agency, Inc. received a rating of 5.0 out of 5 based on 6 reviews on
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