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Something we hear all the time when insuring homeowners is, “Why do we need so much coverage?  We only paid X for our house.”  Our answer always centers around replacement cost vs. market value. Your policy needs to cover the replacement of your home, not what you paid for it. READ MORE >>

Accident forgiveness is a common marketing program offered by many insurance providers. What is it? How can it help you?  Some auto insurance providers offer this type of feature on their plans. It doesn’t necessarily cost more and it may not be available from all providers. READ MORE >>

Most property owners don’t think about their home insurance until they need to file a claim. Home insurance provides financial compensation to homeowners for some types of losses. Your insurance policy outlines what specific coverage you have.  READ MORE >>

General liability insurance protects your business from many potential damages. Most business owners understand the importance of having business insurance. Yet, they might not know enough to have the right level of protections. We are here to help. Get a clear answer to the following four questions before you buy. READ MORE >>

College means freedom to most students. This freedom comes at a cost, one that is often paid for by the students themselves. While living on campus can often be less expensive, dorm living gets old after the first semester. READ MORE >>

When you are facing financial loss as a result of someone else’s actions, it may be possible to file a claim with your home insurance. Your insurance policy helps you to minimize the financial losses you are likely to experience, but there are limits. READ MORE >>

Life insurance is a term that extends to a variety of different types of insurance policies. Many times, these policies seem to provide coverage throughout your lifetime. That may not be the case. And, the terms of your policy can change throughout the time you have it (with changes occurring when you renew it). READ MORE >>

Commercial umbrella insurance is like a safety net helping to protect companies from claims made against them. By operating a business, you promise to provide a product or a service to your clients. But mistakes can happen. Expectations change. And in some cases, you simply don’t make good on the promise you’ve made. READ MORE >>

When it comes time to renew your home insurance policy, take a good look at what your home is covered for and how much of your policy is actually going towards the value of your structure. The value of a home is not necessarily the cost associated with how much you could get for the home if you sold it today. READ MORE >>

General liability insurance could be the best investment you make in your business. It is a form of business insurance and one of the most likely you will use. Most businesses today face some claims whether from customers, clients, visitors to their properties or others involved in the organization’s operations. READ MORE >>

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